Posted by: Jil Yong | September 13, 2010

The Adventure of Schoenstatt

Alright well i have an adventure filled story to tell you about my weekend…

So this weekend we decided to go to Schoenstatt Shrine in Vallendar, Germany. Since there were 5 of us it was easier to rent a car. So we rented a car from Linz, which is an hour out of Gaming. We needed to pick it up by 8 on saturday so the only train that could get us there at that time was leaving at 5:22 am… the Kartause is a 45 minute walk from the station… Well my alarm didnt go off, so at 4:45 Alissa knocks on my door wakes me up so we got a late start to say the least. So we power walked and even ran towards the station, no way we would make the train, so we prayed a Memorare for a ride… well as we finish the group in front of us gets a ride but not us… so we prayed a decade, and as soon as we finish the decade a guy pull up in a van and says: “train station?” so in we jumped and he got us there with less than  a minute to spare! Totally Our Lady! So we get to Linz with directions to the car place and somehow we end up off the map because nobody knows where the street we are suppose to take to get us there is. So I stop at a coffee shop and some lady there magically speaks english and calls a taxi for us and gets us all set up. it was great so we get there, rent the car… now i made the reservation for an automatic transmission because then I wouldnt have to drive…. well we get there all they have is a manual… so I was the ONLY one who could drive… I wanted to die. But I had to do it. So Christopher gives us the keys sets up the GPS and all and we are on the road… Ummm lets just say the Autobahn is not my favorite place in the whole world, in fact excuse me for this short rant but I must…

“i hate it! It is the material embodiment of sin… rather I think it can be compared to the road of sin that we go through in our life… this is actually what i think of it… the autobahn is the road of sin. You see, like the road of sin, this road has no limits, its all about how fast you can go (a how far is too far mentality), there are suggestions for limits but not enforced, people dont make the greatest decisions on it (in fact they are stupid), it gives the person a false sense of freedom, people don’t know how dangerous this road is or that it leads to death and destruction.  Nobody could pay me enough money to drive on this road ever again. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Okay, Im done now.  So, here’s the rest of the story. About halfway through the 7 hour drive I got super tired and my nerves were on end. So we stopped at a rest stop, pumped gas and decided to take a nap. So we went behind this rest stop, to a lettuce field, and napped in the random field… it was one of the best naps I’ve ever had.  So, then we were on the road again! We got to a town about 10 minutes away and asked where Schoenstatt was and nobody seemed to have any idea, so we said “Church?” and this guys gave us directions… to the wrong Church, but we went to Mass anyway. It was pretty sweet to go to Mass in German. They had one song in english, but nobody but us sang along. And after Mass we talked to the Priest. He gave directions us directions, and he said, “all roads lead to Schoenstatt, just like all roads lead to moscow…” I think he meant Rome… but whatevkies… So we made it there finally! And it was soooooo beautiful!!!

sunset at Schoenstatt

We went to this mosaic mural of Our Lady and prayed a rosary and lit candles for those we were offering the pilgrimage for.

Then we spent some time with Jesus in the original shrine. It was tiny but the Schoenstatt picture was surrounded by a gold frame and above a gold unity cross, underneath that was a carved dark wood tabernacle which was a part of the rest of the altar! It was beautiful. Then on the side was a statue of St Michael, and on the other was St Joseph. So basically the Chapel was all of my devotions wrapped up in one place.

After that we explored some more and then decided to get food, so we went to Luciana’s Pizza and had awesome italian dishes, with fizzy tasting water but wasn’t fizzy.

And then we slept in the car, woke up in the morning and were on the road again. The autobahn was still treacherous, but after some mcdonalds breakfast it was slightly better. In fact the mcdonalds there was the It was like a restaurant, legit. I got a schoko croissant and apfelkuchen (chocolate croissant and apple cake) with orange juice.

So then we got slowed down in traffic after about 3 hours of driving and had a chinese fire drill (except for me cuz I was driving). And traffic didn’t get better, about 20 minutes later it stopped for about half an hour… so we did what any american would do… dance party! Basically we saw tons of cars turn off the engines and get out of the car so we followed suit, only we blasted Backstreet Boys and danced, even break danced on the autobahn for like 30 minutes.

Some boys, they were probs like 12 or 13 were a few cars ahead car surfing with their dad so we decided to give them each a quarter and they gave us a cool medallion. Also we had this little old lady with 2 cats take our picture and we gave her a St Joseph prayer card and Our Lady of Fatima Saturday devotion card. Then it dawned on me I had like 100 miraculous medals, so Gizzy and Jackie ran ahead of us in stop and go traffic passing them out to cars. It was so beautiful because we got to be witnesses of the joy of the Lord. Oh then we went to a rest stop and the guy working at the toilet pay things took 3 of my 50 cent vouchers… and made me pay twice… Grrr!!!! Finally we made it to Linz car rental place safe and sound! PRAISE GOD!!!! So then, we called the taxi company, whose answering machine was automated… so epic fail. Just as we were going to hitchhike our way there, Christopher, the car rental dude pulls up like 3 hours early for work, and gave us a ride!!!! Its cool because St Christopher is the patron of travelers! So we get there and prayed for Our Lady to get us a cheap train leaving in half an hour… so we went to the ticket counter and the guy got us a train for less than 6 euro each leaving in like 37 minutes…. Mary is ridiculous… so we grabbed some grub, and had a dance party on the train platform and the train!

Awesome Women

Ive wanted to do this since I saw the Santa Fe scene in Rent

Then before we knew it we were in Gaming! It was awesome (except for the autobahn). The end.



  1. oMGOSH I love your videos!!! hahah Giggles makes me smile so huge– her dancing on the autobahn for Smyrt… lol so cute. And what is up with German McDonald’s?? It’s like a Starbucks cafe in there!! Insanity!

    I’m so glad you all got to go! So much Holy Spirit, making all those plans possible! All five of y’all are so beautiful! Love that joy. 🙂 miss you!

  2. The video of you and giggles breakdancing in te street is kinda my favorite thing, ever. Also, the picture of you upside down in the subway and the caption for it about Rent. 🙂 I miss both of yalls beautiful faces! You two are always in my prayers! OIX 🙂

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