Posted by: Jil Yong | December 13, 2012

Do As He Says

Hello all,

So it’s definitely been a very long time since I wrote and boy, a lot has happened. I took a job working in youth ministry and to say it has been blessed is the understatement of the year. Its been so beautiful and something coming up a lot when working in this ministry is humility. I am humbled every day to know that the Lord has allowed me to help save souls. What a miracle. I’ve witnessed miracles or healing, miracles of things changing before my eyes, the miracle our Lord, turning bread into His very flesh. As much as I have experienced  I am convinced that there is no greater miracle than the miracle of a soul returning to the Lord. So great a miracle that God gives himself fully for it to happen. The should be no surprise that the God of the Universe, He who holds us in existence every moment of every day, can heal diseases, bones, bring people to life, turn medal into precious gold. We experience awe from these things because we notice how little we are compared to God. But for a soul, to turn back to its Maker, that is beautiful because it takes free will. God loves us so much that he does not interfere with our free will. Yet, somehow, he seeks us out, relentlessly, He breaks through to our hearts, creates us with desires only fulfilled in Him, and we find ourselves in the embrace of a Father welcoming back his lost child. I had the privilege of being able to go to Mass yesterday in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception downtown. I was able to go after spiritual direction and so many things stuck out to me. First of all the first reading was from Isaiah.

Every valley shall be lifted up, every mountain and hill shall be made low; The rugged land shall be made level, the rough country, a broad valley. Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed

This imagery that Isaiah is using screamed the spiritual life to me, and what a beautiful picture it is. As we celebrate this advent season we prepare for the coming of Christ into the world, and more specifically into our lives. The coming of Christ into our lives, means that we will be given new meaning. Like Simon, we are given new identity. He became Peter, we become sons and daughters of the Father. Because of this new identity, we are given a new set of eyes with which to view our lives and the world. Perhaps we become more sensitive to wrongs that we used to shrug off before, or maybe we begin to see Gods grace moving in the things around us more often. Isaiah’s words speak to this spiritual experience. the valleys of pain and sorrow and darkness are lifted from the shadows into the light. Those mountaintop experiences are seen through the eyes of a lowly and humble servant. The times and places in which we experience difficulty in walking, it is there that we are given the strength and grace in which we can walk as if it were level ground. And, the rough places will become places of silent beauty and freedom. The Lord has promised us that his burden is light and his yoke easy. It is not because difficult things lessen or become easier , but it is because we are given new eyes, a new heart, to bring to these new encounters. This is grace in action. These hardships, temptations, sins, are no longer a burden, but when we acknowledge our sins it becomes the means by which we prepare to enter the Sacred Mysteries. That is the penitential rite which we hear in the Mass.

Brothers and Sisters, let us acknowledge our sins and so prepare to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries.

What a beautiful gift that these moments of brokeness  is the means by which the Lord wants us to prepare for Him to enter in. He wants to heal us, he wants to come into those moments to bring the Sacrifice of Cavalry and the Joy of the Empty Tomb into those moments. This is the essence of humility, to acknowledge your brokeness, but to utter your Fiat to the Lord, and see and accept the great weapon that our weaknesses become.

To Jesus through Mary,



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