Posted by: Jil Yong | July 26, 2016

An Open Letter to ISIS

You do not know me, but I know who you are. I have read about you day after day, even though many of my countrymen refuse to believe that you pose any real threat, nonetheless exist. I read about the brutal attacks that you have carried out upon my brothers and sisters not only here in America, but across the world. I want you to listen very clear to what I am about to tell you, because while you think that your message is loud, it is but a dim whisper compared to the thunderous cry of my Church and this is what She says to you:

We will not be shaken, no matter what evils you devise. Your mantra may be sown in anger and hatred, but we will never let hatred, not even for you, have its foothold within us. Love rules our hearts, and no matter how hard you try, no matter how many of us you murder, you will never take that from us. You seek to diminish our hope, but we hold fast to the Word that suffering produces hope, and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out upon us. You seek to see us suffer and die, yet to die for our Lord is a privilege that many of us would only hope to accept. You seek to create chaos, but my God calms the storms and I am not overcome. You have no power over me because I am a child of God and you cannot scare that out of me. It has been imprinted on my heart since the day of my baptism and nobody, not even the enemy himself, can rob me of that. We will not fight you because this battle has already been won two thousand years ago. We are a Church set apart, and by the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, we are resilient beyond measure. Our God has overcome death. And incase you thought that you were winning, just ask my couple million brothers and sisters in Christ gathered together in Poland. I promise that you will hear a mighty roar that shakes the gates of Hell, and sends Lucifer himself to hide in cowardice. It is the roar of a sons and daughters who walk in authority and power, a young Church clothed in glory and protected by the blood of the Lamb, and she will not be defeated.         

Our Father’s commandment is not to purify the earth by murder and acts of terror. He is a Father who humbled himself and died, so that we might live. He is a Father that will never abandon us or forsake us. His act of love demands of us one thing: that we too love and we go after the lost sheep. You dear brothers, are the lost sheep. So no matter what acts you commit, no matter how much you torture us, murder us, and try to intimidate us. I will love you. I will not wish evil upon you, because you too are my brother. You too are a child and my Father desires to embrace you in His merciful arms of love. I will bless you every day, and pray for the conversion of your hearts. I will pray that you be delivered from the bonds of the enemy that ensnare you. I will pray that you no longer be enslaved to do the enemy’s bidding, but that you may know you too, are worth so much more. I look forward to the day when you step into the freedom that Christ won for us. I pray the sword of the Spirit pierce your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. My dearest brothers, I pray that one day I may spend eternity in paradise with you beside me singing the praises of our King. You are worth more than gold my dear brothers, He died for you, and He rose for you.  You are not beyond help or beyond the grasp of His mercy. I eagerly await you, I forgive you, and I bless you.

Your Sister In Christ,

Jil Yong


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