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My New Home

So I didnt really do much today because I had meetings all day. However I did get to take some pictures of the Kartause and my room to post on here and of some of the girls and I at Urs, the local tavern. So I hope you enjoy!

This is the front of the Kartause with St Francis

This is the courtyard in the middle

The stairs up to the 6th floor and then my corridor

This is my room and my room mate, its tiny but supa cute

This is the view from my window

Our walk to Urs

This is Urs, our SUPA CUTE TAVERN!

This was me, I had my first full beer (Becks, a german brew), I also tried something called a Frog it was delicious!

Hope You Enjoyed!


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Johnny A Whoop!

Dear Everyone,

I had a wonderful day today, despite me sleeping in until 15 minutes before the buses left… the important thing is I made it. So we had about a 45 minute bus trip to this little town called Melk. So im walking through these courtyards and its pouring down rain and I finally get to the Church and this is what I see…

umm yeah its gorgeous! So its a Benedictine Monastery, and we got to celebrate MASS and take a tour of the monastery! Umm it was beautiful and used to be the imperial quarters, but the royalty decided to add on to there residence a monastery. The library was one of my favorite places:

And the courtyard was finally clear of all rain by the time we left! It was so gorgeous!

Soย  pretty mush in this place I met my new friend Johnny. Johnny is 8 years old and the son of one of my professors. Our friendship began when I learned his name and asked if he knew how to play Johnny Whoop… of course he did. So him and I hung out with Alissa and we taught him cool camp games and such, and then we realized just how socially awkward and not adjusted from camp we are…ย  but we both felt very at home with our new friend. So he rode on the bus with us and we proceeded to trade silly bands with him and play the monkey game… and then we got to Durnstein. Durnstein is the typical Austrian villiage. So we took Johnny to an ice cream shop and were embarrassed by the fact that we had to have an 8 yr old translate for us. It was very good ice cream though. So then we decided to walk up to the ruins of Durnstein. The ruins of Durnstein are the remains of the castle where Richard the Lionheart was kept under house arrest by Leopold V, Duke of Austria, during the crusades. It was a VERY LONG and treacherous hike up the mountain but so worth while.ย  Here’s just a few pictures I hope you enjoy them!

After that we toured the streets and the towns, did some wine tastings because Durnstein is surrounded by vineyards and known for their wine. It was yummy. And then it was time to return to the Kartause. Which hopefully tomorrow Ill have pictures up ๐Ÿ™‚

I love you all and am signing off for the day to pray a rosary for you!



P.S. I just had to make a shout out to all the Aggies from camp with my status, especially Agape, because I promised… and dont worry that post you are waiting for is being worked on ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey guys!

I can’t wait to update ya’ll! So I’m FINALLY in Gaming, Austria! I’m here with Giggles and we are having a blast together, meeting new people and talking with the locals (as much as we can at least). My flights were pretty sweet, I rested a lot, and met a new friend named Eric, hes here in Gaming too. We had a sweet conversation about ministry and how much we get back in return for giving all that we are in service. It was awesome. When I arrived in Vienna we had to take a bus to Gaming because its like 2 hours outside the city, and when we got here all the kids from the town were outside on their bikes and waiting to give us all roses they had for us. it was SUPER cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ I even got to befriend some of them by busting out and trading silly bands (yes, they are equally as obsessed with silly bands here). So after that we went to Mass in the most beautiful Chapel I’ve seen and had a welcome session and social. The social was kinda lame and REALLY awkward because it would be my luck that two awkward Frannie couples sit on either side of me on the big comfy couch… weird… So in order to free myself of this unpleasant situation I decided to take a night tour of the town, basically it ended up with me and Giggles walking a block or so to the Urs which is the local tavern. It was sweet, we sang an Austrian Went Yodeling and I discovered my fondness for Guinness and Baileys…Yum ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow I am off to a Monastery in Melk, Austria. Ill Try to upload my photos tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s it for the night! I love you all and keep the prayer requests coming.

To Jesus Through Mary,


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Guten Tag Hop-Clop

Guten Tag!

Happy Feast day of St. John Eudes! So this is my first blog entry… I’m not in Austria just yet, but my preparations are underway. I’m 98% packed and my heart is already over there. I wanted to write today and just let ya’ll know how this whole blog thingy works… pretty much this is so ya’ll can keep up with my pilgrimages such. I love you all and you are constantly in my prayers. I want you all to be able to email or facebook message me with your prayer intentions, all the time! Seriously though, intercessory prayer is something the Lord is calling me to grow in pretty hardcore, so it would help me to grow through Marys heart of service if ya’ll did that, and nothing makes me happier than eliminating the miles of separation by uniting our hearts in prayer! This semester is going to be as a good friend of mine says “baller shot-caller.” The Lord has so much planned for you all reading and for myself and the 180 students accompanying me. I know that he has done so much preparation in my heart because He is going to move mountains.ย  So I’m going to be updating this as much as possible, telling you where I’ve been and where I’m going.ย  So Pines staff, my fellow Barons, Household sisters, ya’ll at SALT, and my family, I love you dearly and m so joyful that I may serve you all and unite myself to you always through the Mass and in prayer.

Lastly I wanted to share with you something from Anne the Lay Apostle (if you dont know she gets messages from various saints, angels, the Trinity and Our Lady, for all of us to hear):

August 28, 2003

My children, I am with you. You have heard Me say that many times before. Perhaps I have said it so often that you do not really hear it. Today, I want you to both hear these words and understand them. I am with you. Does that mean I watch you from heaven, hoping all goes well with you? Does it mean I gaze out over My whole world, seeing only the large events? No. I am with you. I am with YOU, My child. That means I see the world from your eyes. I walk your walks and I experience what you experience. I am there when you are hurt. I feel the sting of human unkindness when you experience it. I feel the weakness and pain in your body when you are sick. My compassionate gaze, so filled with love and understanding, rests upon you every minute of every day. I forgive you any sins even before these sins are committed. But you must admit to your sins and ask forgiveness. My child, do not think you have been abandoned. I say with divine solemnity, I am with you. So, begin to focus on the fact that every minute of every day, your Jesus is present. Talk to Me, dear child. I have so much to tell you. I have the answers for your difficulties. I have explanations for things you do not understand. I have love for people that you do not feel. So if you focus on the reality of My presence, you will begin to rely on Me. My child, then the transition can begin. Once you begin to rely on Me, your life will get easier and less stressful. You will walk away from even the most difficult situations and leave them behind, instead of carrying that worry with you into the next area of your life. You will find this to be so liberating that quite quickly it will become your habit. And then, child, it will be Me working through you. And when that goal is reached, there is no limit to what you can do. Again I say to you today, you must practice for something to become a habit.
So today, concentrate on My continual presence. Ask Me what I would like you to do. Ask Me what words I would like you to use. Then listen to My answer. My Spirit will speak to you and you will hear the words, resting upon your soul. In this way, We can communicate all day long. Have faith. I give you faith today, as you take these first steps to unity with Me. There is no situation where you should leave Me. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, call upon Me. Even in sinful conditions, or should I say especially in sinful conditions, cry out to Me. I am there anyway, My child. You cannot hide your sin by ignoring Me and hoping I have gone away. So speak to Me. Say, โ€œLord, help me.โ€ You will not be disappointed. I will help you. I bring you these words today so that you may understand that I am with you. I will never leave you. I await your notice and stand by, ready to assure you that you are cherished by Me and that I did not put you on earth to do work that was too hard for you. If your life is too hard, My little soul, it is because you are trying to accomplish it alone. You need Me. And I am here for you. So let us waste no more time. Jesus, your Jesus, is
asking for your attention. Once I have your attention, We can proceed. You will never regret having returned to Me. Do not hesitate. Come and sit before Me in the tabernacle and We will begin.”

Totus Tuus Maria,


“Our Lady possesses a special knowledge of those who are most devoted to her; she knows Godโ€™s designs concerning them, the road they should follow to reach God, the state and dispositions of their souls, all the accidents that befall them, …all their possible perils, the pains they suffer, interiorly and exteriorly. She knows the temptations that assail them, the evil schemes of their enemies and all their corporal and spiritual needs, so that she may assist, protect, defend and strengthen her faithful followers, obtain from her divine son the help they need most, and she herself the best of mothers to them”~ St John Eudes….. PRAY FOR US!

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